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This is an exercise and demo site for attendees of Silk's Demo and Hands-On Sessions at the 2015 CAR Conference. You can contact or ping @silkjournalism if you have questions. In this demo you'll learn how to build a Silk database and visualizations using data from the Top 500  Kickstarter technology projects in 2014

(NOTE: Silk is a free for news orgs -

Exercise 1: Building a Map and Adding to the Home Page

  • Click "Explore"
  • Select "Map"

  • Select for your Location tag "Location" (plot by city/state or city/country)

  • Select "Number Plot" - use tag "Pledged (USD)"

  • Select "Color by" - use tag "Field"
  • Show on the Pop-up the following: image, type, country, # of backers

  • Select "More Options"
  •  Select Maximum Items "50"
  • Add inline filter for "Country"
  • Select "United States" in the inline filter
  • Click the green "Publish" button
  • Select  "Homepage"
  • You should be taken to your Homepage and your map should be there. 
  • Click on the bubble plots and then click on the pop-ups to see the images and data. 

Top 50 Kickstarter Projects - Pledged (USD)

Page Title
Pledged (USD)
Pono Music - Where Your Soul Rediscovers MusicUnited StatesSoundSound6,225,354San Francisco, CA
Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere!United StatesWebWeb5,408,916Los Angeles, CA
The Micro: The First Truly Consumer 3D PrinterUnited States3D Printing3D Printing3,401,361Bethesda, MD
Sense: Know More. Sleep Better.United StatesTechnologyTechnology2,410,741San Francisco, CA
FLUX All-in-One 3D Printer - UNLIMITED. ELEGANT. SIMPLE.United States3D Printing3D Printing1,641,075San Francisco, CA
Glyph: A Mobile Personal Theater With Built In Premium AudioUnited StatesHardwareHardware1,509,506Ann Arbor, MI
AirDog: World's First Auto-follow Drone for GoPro CameraUnited StatesCamera EquipmentCamera Equipment1,368,177Palo Alto, CA
HEXO+: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera - DroneUnited StatesCamera EquipmentCamera Equipment1,306,920Palo Alto, CA
PowerUp 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper AirplaneUnited StatesFlightFlight1,232,612New York, NY
iStick‚Ñ¢: USB Flash Drive with Lightning for iPhone and iPadUnited StatesTechnologyTechnology1,100,629San Francisco, CA
Blink: Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert SystemUnited StatesHardwareHardware1,069,386Boston, MA
BioLite BaseCamp Stove | Turn Fire into ElectricityUnited StatesTechnologyTechnology1,032,443Brooklyn, NY
The Pocket Drone - Your personal flying robotUnited StatesFlightFlight929,212San Diego, CA
Ring : Shortcut Everything.United StatesWearablesWearables880,998San Carlos, CA
Arist: Brews Coffee Like The Best Baristas Anytime AnywhereUnited StatesHardwareHardware845,139San Francisco, CA
NudeAudio Super-MUnited StatesHardwareHardware839,834San Francisco, CA
Pegasus Touch Laser SLA 3D Printer: Low cost, High QualityUnited States3D Printing3D Printing819,535Las Vegas, NV
Electric Objects: A Computer Made for ArtUnited StatesHardwareHardware787,612New York, NY
OwnPhones: Wireless, Custom-Fit, 3D Printed EarbudsUnited StatesHardwareHardware767,472San Diego, CA
Titan 1: Fastest, Tallest Print, High Res SLA 3D PrinterUnited States3D Printing3D Printing687,116San Francisco, CA
Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits InstantlyUnited StatesDIY ElectronicsDIY Electronics674,425Urbana, IL
Noke: The World's First Bluetooth PadlockUnited StatesGadgetsGadgets652,828Draper, UT
World's 1st Earphones that save your hearing & your music!United StatesSoundSound648,691Longmont, CO
SYNEK - Any beer tapped fresh on your counterUnited StatesHardwareHardware648,535St. Louis, MO
OBDLink MX WiFi: A Wireless Gateway to Vehicle OBD NetworksUnited StatesHardwareHardware640,698Phoenix, AZ
Carvey: The 3D carving machine for the maker in all of usUnited StatesFabrication ToolsFabrication Tools626,599Chicago, IL
Hush | The World's First Smart EarplugsUnited StatesWearablesWearables593,255San Diego, CA
MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display!United StatesDIY ElectronicsDIY Electronics573,760San Francisco, CA
The Nomad CNC MillUnited StatesHardwareHardware513,665El Segundo, CA
Hendo Hoverboards - World's first REAL hoverboardUnited StatesTechnologyTechnology510,590Los Gatos, CA
The SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power : Illuminate your lifeUnited StatesTechnologyTechnology480,411Provo, UT
Matchstick - The Streaming Stick Built on Firefox OSUnited StatesGadgetsGadgets470,310San Jose, CA
iBox Nano - Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D PrinterUnited States3D Printing3D Printing456,953Melbourne, FL
Dart: The World's Smallest Laptop AdapterUnited StatesHardwareHardware456,114Menlo Park, CA
Control VR- The Future of Virtual Reality, Animation & moreUnited StatesTechnologyTechnology442,227Los Angeles, CA
NeuroOn: World's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleepUnited StatesWearablesWearables438,573San Francisco, CA
HEATWORKS MODEL 1: Your next water heater!United StatesHardwareHardware436,594Charleston, SC
Legion Meter - Charge your smartphone 92% fasterUnited StatesTechnologyTechnology416,268Sunnyvale, CA
Edyn: Welcome to the connected garden.United StatesHardwareHardware384,201San Francisco, CA
MIOPS: Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera TriggerUnited StatesCamera EquipmentCamera Equipment377,035Miami, FL
The Pronto - Fast-Charge BatteryUnited StatesGadgetsGadgets375,249Salt Lake City, UT
Cobblebot 3D PrinterUnited States3D Printing3D Printing373,916Houston, TX
StoneTether - The Smallest Tracking Device at Long RangeUnited StatesGadgetsGadgets366,199Rocklin, CA
ORION4Sight: Sunglasses On SteroidsUnited StatesWearablesWearables348,449Rockport, ME
tinyTesla: the Little Singing Tesla Coil Anyone Can BuildUnited StatesDIY ElectronicsDIY Electronics336,271Medford, MA
FreeWavz: Smart Earphones with Built-in Fitness MonitoringUnited StatesWearablesWearables325,208Orlando, FL
SmartScope - Reinventing the oscilloscopeUnited StatesDIY ElectronicsDIY Electronics322,697New York, NY
PrioVR: Suit up. Game on.United StatesTechnologyTechnology322,103Portsmouth, OH
Modbook Pro X 15.4" Retina Quad-Core Mac OS X TabletUnited StatesHardwareHardware318,244Los Angeles, CA
Gramofon: Modern Cloud JukeboxUnited StatesHardwareHardware315,295New York, NY

Exercise 2: Build Donut Chart Showing the 10 Fields Getting the Most Kickstarter Funding

  • Click "Explore"
  • Select "Donut"
  • Select "Distribution"
  • Click on the "More" Tab
  • Click  "Max Slices". Select "Other". Type "11"
  • Click "Max Items". Select "500"
  • Add inline filter for "Funding Mont"
  • Click "Publish"
  • Select "Homepage"
  • You can add a filter by month

Distribution: Top Fields for Kickstarter Technology Projects

Exercise 3: Build Donut Chart Showing Top 10 Kickstarter Technology Projects by Project Value

  • Click "Explore"
  • Go to the small blue visualization box in the upper left corner
  • Select "Donut"
  • Select "Slice"
  • Click on the "More" Tab
  • Set "Max Slices" to "10" 
  • Add inline filter for "Funding Month" 
  • Copy to Clipboard

Top Kickstarter Projects: Percentage of Total Funding

Exercise 3: Build A Stack Chart  Showing the Top 20 Kickstarter Technology Projects by "Percentage Funded" in San Francisco, CA

  • Click "Explore"
  • Go to the small blue visualization box in the upper left corner
  • Select "Stack"
  • Select Tags "Percentage Funded", "Average per day", "Average per backer"
  • Click on the "More" Tab
  • Set  "Max Items" to "20"
  • Sort by "Percentage Funded"
  • Add inline filter for "Location".  Set default filter to "San Francisco, CA"
  • Copy to Clipboard then embed on Home Page
  • Add title and caption

Stack Chart: Percentage Funded, Average Per Day, Average Per Backer Sorted by Average per Day

Exercise 4: Build A 3x3 Image Grid

  • Click "Explore"
  • Go to the small blue visualization box in the upper left corner
  • Select "Grid"
  • Click on the "More" Tab
  • Select  Maximum Items "6" (select on the pulldown "....other" and type "6" into the entry box

  • Add inline filter for "Funding Month"

Gallery View: Top 6 Kickstarter Technology Projects

Exercise 5: Build A Scatter Plot Looking for Correlation Between "Average per day" and "Average per backer"

  • Click "Explore"
  • Go to the small blue visualization box in the upper left corner
  • Select "Scatter"
  • For Y-Axis select tag "Average per Day"
  • For X-Axis select tag "Average per Backer"
  • Select for Maximum Items "500"
  • Save to Clipboard
  • Add Title

Scatter Plot: Correlation Between Average Per Day and Average Per Backer

Exercise 6: Twitter Feed
  • Click on the plus handle

  • Select "Twitter"
  • Type or paste in the handle

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Exercise 7: YouTube Video

  • Click on the plus handle
  • Select "Video"
  • Paste in video URL (YouTube or Vimeo)